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Broker Plus Raffle Design: Text

Role: Content Strategist 

Project Plan: To build a raffle game for the sales team to use to promote the new Broker Plus mobile app to insurance brokers during their annual roadshow presentations. 

Design & Scope Planning: To start, I worked very closely with the UX designers, the marketing team, and the development team to map out a flow for both a user entering the raffle through the Broker Plus app and for a Marketing/Sales team member setting up and running a raffle through a custom-built microsite. 

We went through several iterations of the flow as a group before we were able to finalize the user flow and begin building out the content and design. 

Design Process: I worked very closely with the UX designers throughout the design process to ensure the content and design of each page or screen worked together and was clear for the user. 

First, we focused on the mobile experience for users entering the raffle from their phones. ​Because the purpose of the raffle was to encourage the download and use of the Broker Plus mobile app, many raffle participants may not have experience with the mobile app prior to entering the raffle. Because of this, we made sure that logging in was not a prerequisite for entering the raffle and that all of the content on the sign up pages were clear about the steps necessary to join the raffle. 

Once we had the general design of the mobile app experience laid out, we began to design the microsite the marketing and sales team would use to create and manage the raffles. Because this would be a dedicated microsite, we decided to put as much information as possible on the main page and make a clear call to action to create a new raffle at the top of the page. 

Because there were multiple steps for setting up and running a raffle, we included a variety of pop-up alerts and confirmation messages to ensure that users knew what would happen at each stage of the process. 

Since this was to be used by the sales and marketing team to encourage adoption of the new mobile app, we also designed summary pages for completed raffles so that the team could review the success of the raffles at a later time. 

We began work on the project in June 2021 and it was launched in September to be used for fall roadshows. Overall, feedback for the raffle was positive and the marketing team plans to continue using the game for future roadshow events. 

Check out a full walk-through presentation of the project with example screens.

Broker Plus Raffle Design: Text
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